1. General Responsibilities and Universal Services


Centre for Independent Living

Comment, Compliment, Complaint

Equipment demonstration

Huddleston Way supported living scheme

Specialist assistance for people with disabilities

Support for Carers


Your guide to Bedford Borough’s Reablement Team

Your right to see your record


Bedford Independent Living Team

2. Person Centred Care – Guidance

Direct Payments

BBP10 Direct Payments Policy – November 2016

Direct Payment Procedure – November 2016

Direct Payments Process

Starting Your Direct Payments – updated July 17

Direct Payments Guide for workers – Jan 2017

Direct Payments for Existing Clients – updated July 17

Direct Payment hourly rates from 9 April 2018

Direct Payments (Factsheet 5) November 2016

Carers DP procedure – staff guidance revised Apr 2016


BBP3 Asylum Seekers and other persons subject to immigration control: Policy and practice guidance

BBP4 Carers policy

BBP6 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease CJD policy

BBP11 Dual sensory impairment policy

BBP12 Eligibility policy

BBP14 HIV and AIDS policy

MCA Decision Makers Policy and Guidance June 2016

BBP32 Care support planning and review policy

BBP36 Validation of care support plans and personal budgets

BBP37 Learning disability day opportunities policy

BBP44 Learning disability short breaks policy

BBP48 Self directed support policy


MCA1 Guidance for best interests and the assessment of capacity

MCA2 Should I refer my client to IMCA-flowchart

MCA4 Criteria for instructing and IMCA in safeguarding cases

MCA5 Court of protection/Power of Attorney guide

MCA6 Code of practice

Practice policy and guidance for DoLS June 2016


BBPRO1 Care support planning

BBPRO2 Ready Reckoner procedure revised Jan 16

BBPRO4 NHS Continuing healthcare procedure

BBPRO5 Personalising reviews

BBPRO10 – Approved MH Professionals Approval And Reapproval

BBPRO12 1st response pathway

BBPRO14 Data protection information sharing and consent

BBPRO17 First point of contact services operational activities

Brokerage process – domiciliary care framework agreement

Goldington Day Centre Referral Process Jan 2017


BBPROT4 Parents and carers with learning disabilities protocol


MCA3 IMCA referral form

Risk Assessment forms

Administration of medication – April 2018

Bathing of service users – April 2018

Infection control – April 2018

Lone Working – April 2018

Showering of service users – April 2018

Staff travelling during work – April 2018


Assessing your needs

Mental Capacity Act


Putting people first



Eligibility Criteria (Factsheet 8)

Eligibility criteria large print (Factsheet 8)

3. Person Centred Care – Local Services and Teams


Dame Alice Court Homecare Service

George Beal House

Goldington Day Centre

Help for older people

Help for people with a hearing impairment

Help for people with learning disabilities

Help for people with a physical disability

Help for people with a visual impairment

Mental Capacity Act

Returning you home safely – Bedford Hospital social work team

Tavistock Court Homecare Service

4. Charging and Financial Assessment


Charging And Financial Assessment Policy 2018-19

Fair Care Policy

Money Management Policy 2017

Universal Deferred Payments Policy 2017


Money Management Operational Procedures 2017

BBPRO2 Ready Reckoner procedure revised Jan 16

BBPRO22 BSU E-form guidance for workers

Debt recovery procedure


MCA Court of Protection Guide


A guide to self funding (Factsheet 1) 2017

A guide to self funding large print (Factsheet 1) 2017

Deferred Payments (Factsheet 4) 2017

Deferred Payments large print (Factsheet 4) 2017

Paying for care Non-residential services (Factsheet 2) 2018-19

Paying for care Non-residential services large-print (Factsheet 2) 2018-2019

Paying for care residential or nursing care (Factsheet 3) 2017

Paying for care residential or nursing care large print (Factsheet 3) 2017

Paying for care – easy read version

Choice of Accommodation and Third Party Top Ups (Factsheet 9)


MM1 – Application for a new Money Management Account 2016

MM2 Agreement for Supervision of Finances

MM3 Agreement for Withdrawal of Supervision of Finances

SA08a Adult services financial assessment form

BSU e-form

BSU Factsheet for care management teams – Money Management


Financial Assessment Decision tree V2 2017

Financial Information Checklist – Information for workers 2017 v1.0

Financial Information Checklist 2018-Non-residential and respite care v1.0

Financial Information Checklist 2018 – Non-residential and respite care-telephone only v1.0

Financial Information Checklist 2018-Permanent residential and nursing care

Financial Information Checklist 2018 – Permanent residential and nursing-care -telephone only


Banding Rates from 9th April 2018

Charges and rates for 2017/18

5. Integration and Partnership Working


BBP20 Disclosure of personal records policy

Health Care Needs Policy

BBP5 Hospital Discharge Policy

BBP46 Infection control and prevention policy

Bedford Borough Council Overarching Medicines Management Policy for Domiciliary Care Jan 18

Bedford Borough Council Overarching Medicines Management Policy For Care Homes Jan 2018

Pandemic Influenza Policy revised 2018

BCCG Continuing healthcare policies


BBPRO7 Hospital Discharge Planning

BBPRO14 Data Protection Information Sharing and Consent


BBPROT1 Cooperation Between Teams

BBPROT3 Information Sharing Protocol

BBPROT5- Transition Protocol for Young People with disabilities progressing From Childhood to Adulthood


Guidance for provision of community equipment in care homes


Data Protection Explained

Transitions leaflet

6. Commissioning

Joint commissioning strategies

Carers strategy 2013-17

Learning disability strategy 2013-17

Mental health strategy 2013-17

Older peoples accommodation strategy 2011-16

Older people strategy 2013-17

Physical disability and sensory impairment strategy 2013-17

BBSTRAT7 Personalisation self directed support overarching strategy

Information, advice and advocacy (IAA) strategy

7. Moving between Areas – Inter-Local Authority and Cross Border Issues

Test Document

Test Document 2

8. Local Guidance including safeguarding


BBPRO8 Case record closure

BBPRO21 Waiting list procedure

BBPRO9 Quality assurance feedback procedure

Serious concerns review procedure


Suspension protocol

Home care forms and procedures

Induction pack

Staff handbook


Medication record form

Missing persons forms and checklists

MPR1 Missing persons record form

MPR2 Missing persons checklist and guidance

MPR3 Missing persons prolonged absence timescale

Safeguarding documentation

BBC, CBC and LBC Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures 2017-2018

Guide for Alerters

SV1 Safeguarding adults alert form

AP2 Adult protection decision making tool (DMT)

AP2 Adult protection decision monitoring tool (DMT) with guidance notes

AP3 Adult protection investigation and information sharing consent agreement

AP3 Adult protection investigation and information sharing consent agreement with guidance notes

AP4 Adult protection initial risk assessment

AP4 Adult protection initial risk assessment with guidance notes

AP5 Adult protection plan

AP5 Adult Protection Plan with guidance notes

AP6 Adult protection investigation report

AP6 Adult protection investigation report with guidance notes

AP7A Adult protection strategy discussion

AP7A Adult protection strategy discussion with guidance notes

AP7B Adult protection strategy meeting agendaAP5 Adult Protection Plan with Guidance v7

AP7B Adult protection strategy meeting agenda with guidance notes

AP7C Adult protection strategy meeting template

AP8A Adult protection standard item agenda case conference

AP8A Adult protection standard item agenda case conference with guidance notes

AP8B Adult protection case conference meeting template

AP8B Adult protection case conference meeting template with guidance

AP9B Adult protection alleged person causing harm statement

AP10 Adult protection outcomes feedback questionnaire form


Factsheet 14 Safeguarding adults

Factsheet 14 Safeguarding adults large print

Safeguarding adults booklet

Supervision forms and guides

Supervision toolkit

SC1-Supervision contract

POF1 Practice observation form

PIP1 Practice improvement plan

SSO1 Supervision standards

DPOC1 Direct observation check list


Quality Assurance e-form

9. Local Policy

BBP1 Access to records policy

BBP7 Customer records management policy

BBP31 Emergency duty team policy

BBP9 Exclusion policy

BBP13 Handling an incident in adult services – the need to know policy

BBP38 Lone working policy

BBP51 Missing persons policy

BBP30 Moving and handling policy

BBP39 Performance management framework

BBP19 Personal and sexual relationships policy

BBP34 Prevention of violence in the work place policy

BBP53 Quality assurance framework

BBP45 Record standards policy

BBP22 Research governance framework

Supervision policy

BBP29 Transport for social care policy

BBP47 Guidance for the development of policies, strategies, protocols and procedures


Case Record Checklist

Quality of record of referral, assessment, planning and review

10. Miscellaneous

Utilities and emergency contact (Factsheet 10)