January 2021

Coronavirus / COVID-19: Urgent Update to this APPP

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Welcome to the latest edition of the online Bedford Adult Polices, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Resource.

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Message from the Director:

Welcome to the Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) website. This online library of documents to guide practice can help us all make the right decisions as we go about our business supporting vulnerable adults and carers in Bedford Borough.

I hope you will make it an early port of call when you are seeking clarification about social care law or what Council policy is on any particular aspect of social care.

The manual is all on the internet so you can read it wherever you have got a connection. It has already been updated to reflect changes in Care Act guidance since last year and will continue to be updated twice a year to reflect developments in case law, government guidance and emerging professional views on where best practice sits. There are links in the chapters to the source documents and articles that have been used to develop the local approach.

A shortcut to the manual is available to go on your desktop. If you would like to take advantage of that please let us know via the Contact Form.

As ever, your work is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Kate Walker
Director of Adults’ Services