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5.1 Adult Safeguarding


The Care Act 2014 set out a legal framework for adult safeguarding based on local authorities existing responsibilities and practice, and placed the Safeguarding Adult Board on a statutory footing. It is a change in practice with a move away from a process led culture to a person centred approach. Under the Act local authorities have a duty to promote individual wellbeing, to make safeguarding personal by ensuring that safeguarding work is done with and not to the person concerned. This means the person should be asked what they want as the outcome from the safeguarding process and this directly informs what happens. Local authorities must arrange for independent advocacy when it is needed, with the advocate’s role to facilitate the persons involvement not merely just be consulted. The Act sets out a duty for partners to cooperate and respond to safeguarding concerns and empowers local authorities to make safeguarding enquiries or cause others to make safeguarding enquiries.


Promoting Wellbeing

Making Safeguarding Personal


Bedford Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Board Procedures

Care and Support Statutory Guidance

December 2016: The previous Adult Safeguarding chapter has been removed and staff should click on the link to the Bedford Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Board Procedures, as above.